We plan on revolutionizing broadhead customer service. Not only will we replace your damaged heads (not one damaged head has been returned in our first year of business), but we'll sharpen them for you at an extremely affordable rate.

Damaged Heads:

All damaged heads will be replaced free of charge, no questions asked. Send us your damaged heads and we will send you a brand new head, razor sharp and ready to hunt. Please include a note in the box with your name, shipping address, and phone number.

Please be sure to wrap your head carefully with newspaper or other packaging material. Please send your broadhead in a small box.

Re-sharpening Service:

If you would like to utilize our lifetime sharpening service, then you pay just $2.00/head + postage, we'll do the sharpening.

If you bought your broadheads second hand the offer still applies.

Please download this return card, print it, fill it out, and include it inside of the box. On the outside of the box please write "CT RESHARP" on all four sides of the box in sharpie marker. That will let us know the contents of the box, and esnure that it gets to our sharpening department for expedient return service.


Send all damaged heads or heads to be resharpened to this address:

Cutthroat Broadheads Attn: Warranty
4298 Kipling St, Unit B
Wheat Ridge CO 80033